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Teaching Resource Manual

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Below are the resources and downloads referred to and/or shown in your Teaching Resource Manual.
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File Download Size File Type
All song banners:
Song Banners 10" X 20" PDF
We Are Amazing!:
SONG GRAPHICS: We Are Amazing! 8.5" x 11" PDF
POSTER: We Are Amazing! 20" x 30" PDF
Take a Stand Against Bullying 8.5" x 11" PDF
Great Big Beautiful World:
SONG GRAPHICS: Great Big Beautiful World 8.5" x 11" PDF
Secret Mission:
SONG GRAPHICS: Secret Mission 8.5" x 11" PDF
ACTIVITY SHEET: Secret Mission: ImPossible 8.5" x 11" PDF
Direction Dance
SONG GRAPHICS: Direction Dance 8.5" x 11" PDF
What Can You Do?
SONG GRAPHICS: What Can You Do? 8.5" x 11" PDF
POSTER: What Can You Do? 20" x 30" PDF
What a Smile Can Do
SONG GRAPHICS: What a Smile Can Do 8.5" x 11" PDF
SONG GRAPHICS: Stronger 8.5" x 11" PDF
Emergency contact handout 8.5" x 11" PDF
How Big Are Your Dreams?
SONG GRAPHICS: How Big Are Your Dreams? 8.5" x 11" PDF
If You're There:
SONG GRAPHICS: If You’re There 8.5" x 11" PDF