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Sound Values and Powerful Messages

To fortify our homes, families and society we must all be involved in the strengthening and welfare of children. As parents and caregivers strive to raise children in a stressful challenging world, helpful aids are often needed and appreciated.

At AnyKidCan our goal is to provide programs, activities, and a variety of tried and proven experiences that help reinforce effective parental teaching of children and assist schools in their challenging responsibilities to help our children learn and grow in an ever changing and demanding world. Our music and activities are based on sound values with an equally powerful message to reinforce many of the standards taught at home and school. Children of all ages will come to love and enjoy the “feel good” messages taught and experienced. Check out the uplifting and empowering lyrics here.

“We Are Amazing” is part of a program to be performed by third graders in schools. The “world premiere” of the show took place in October 2011. One hundred and twenty third graders enthusiastically performed to a packed auditorium. The response was amazing! The enthusiasm of the boys made the front page of the local paper.

For schools:

Music, in its finest nature, supports all learning.

“We Are Amazing!” is a fun-filled musical experience designed for 3rd grade children in the public, private, charter and home school environments. As children sing, dance and express themselves in a positive way to music they love and can relate to, they feel a deep sense of worth and consideration for family, friends and the whole world in general. This inspiring, upbeat music was written to help support them in their everyday challenges as it instills – deep in their hearts – the courage, confidence and strength to believe in themselves, care about others, dream big and reach their potential no matter what happens in their lives. The kids feel this emotional music from head to toe. This is not just a passive learning experience but a thrilling activity that is sure to become a positive, lifelong memory. Parents thrill as their children interact in positive caring ways with their peers.

The catchy songs can be learned in just nine (approx.) 45 minute sessions where songs and actions are taught along with their valuable application. Ideally, this musical program can be performed for the other school children in an assembly as well as for the parents in an evening program.

The overall experience is nothing short of delightful for the children as well as the music teacher and has proven to be an aid in the classroom throughout the year, assisting teachers in their discipline as it unites the children together in a common bond. This opportunity helps support the social and emotional wellbeing of children and brings unity to the classroom and grades involved! To learn more check out the WAA BROCHURE HERE

How does this program benefit education?

  • Unites teachers, students and parents in reaching school goals.
  • Teaches positive core values, increasing the desire for students to excel.
  • Provides outline for values to be applied at school and home.
  • Requires very little teacher preparation and application time.
  • Yearly outline supports original presentation of program.
  • Multiple downloadable teacher helps, banners, flyers, posters, and pictures.
  • Improves teacher and student attitudes through song.
  • Provides positive solutions when addressing serious challenges such as self worth, bullying, abuse, drugs, family or community crises.
  • Teaches proper positive peer relations with application suggestions.
  • Becomes a yearly tradition for students to look forward to.
  • Cost to school is minimal and decreases after initial year, while the benefits increase.

For kids:

The “We Are Amazing!” music and program was designed with children at heart.

It helps support them in their everyday challenges as it instills (deep in their hearts) the courage, confidence and strength to believe in themselves, care about others, dream big and reach their potential no matter what happens in their lives. Children sing, learn, share, dream, and will enjoy…

  • Being themselves
  • Expression through song and dance
  • The magic of dreaming
  • Having fun with their peers
  • Feeling good about who they are and their unique potential
  • Fun service ideas
  • Performing at school and home
  • Being a kinder friend to all

For Parents:

When rearing children, parents face numerous challenges.

The “We Are Amazing!” album and program assist parents while utilizing key ideas that can reinforce the values they desire to instill in their children – values that will help them throughout their lifetime.

Kids were born to make music. It comes as naturally to them as breathing itself. Singing and dancing along with your children can become one of your child’s fondest memories. Music is an empowering tool that can help your child experience joy and fun while developing confidence and skill. We’ve created the “We Are Amazing!” program to help instill strong values in children of all ages.