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A trusted veteran of national children's music production had this to say about "We Are Amazing!"...

"This is the kind of music our kids should be hearing and singing... It deserves to be heard and sung and loved everywhere, as much as we love it here in New York."

— Linda Worsley, New York

"The whole feeling of this program is incredible!! Each song is very different, but leaves you with the same terrific feeling of what a great person each of us can be. The children performing the songs were delighted to be doing it, and must have thought it was the greatest experience ever! I took my own children to see it, and they still sing parts of the songs that they only heard once. The songs are all really entertaining and catchy, so you remember the important messages easily. I think every kid anywhere would benefit greatly from this amazing experience in their lives!"

— Lindsay Cole, Logan, Utah

"As an educator and mother of five, I am always on the lookout for quality instructional materials. The products developed by AnyKidCan definitely meets such a standard. The music is lively and fun, while the lyrics are thought-provoking and inspirational. My kids love it!"

— Maria Covey Cole, Bountiful, Utah

"The program 'We Are Amazing!' really is amazing. Our school presented this program the 29th of Sept. 2011, and we were thrilled with the end results. The time spent was well vested in bringing parents, students, and teachers together in a common understanding of just how special each person is and that we can be anything we truly want to be. The program received a standing ovation in a packed auditorium. The message was clear and all students had equal opportunity to shine. The kids still sing the catchy songs and talk about the fun time they had learning them. This was a great way to start the school year."

— The Third Grade Team at Morgan Elementary, Morgan, Utah

"I attended one of these children’s performances and was unbelievably impressed. It was obvious the kids were having a blast, developing their talents, increasing in self-confidence, singing their hearts out, all while (and most importantly) absorbing countless truths regarding much-needed principles. Teddy Roosevelt said: 'To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.' What a wonderful concept to have these value-oriented programs a part of our school curriculum. I’d love to see these programs done in every elementary school in the country."

— Marilyn Gibby, Farr West, Utah

"For deaf students who are educated in mainstreamed classroom environment, music is often a very frustrating, boring and unfulfilled part of their educational experience. Bobbi Hansen's music program, however proved to be an exception to that norm for my deaf third grade student. English songs are often very difficult to interpret to convey both the content meaning and the cadence. As an Educational Interpreter I found Bobbi's program to not only be conducive to smooth translation into American Sign Language but also fun! This was particularly true of the song 'Great Big Beautiful World' which many of our students signed during our program. This song is exceptionally beautiful in ASL. It is visually graceful, expressive and accurately conveys both the message and the music. Because the songs in this program lent themselves to being signed, it gave a fulfilling, supportive experience to a deaf student who can often feel isolated in such a venue."

— Amy Hiller-White, Educator, Morgan, Utah

"Our children range in age from 12 to 4 and each of them thoroughly loved the live performance of 'We Are Amazing!'. We loved the energy, originality, and powerful messages that it portrays. Even our youngest daughter has memorized many of the words to the songs. It is very "catchy" and entertaining! As parents, we are excited that something this incredible is out there to help our children know how great they are and how much they can accomplish in the future. I would love to see this program performed in more schools to allow more children and their parents to experience it. We feel it teaches self-esteem, kindness, and the value of dreaming big! The best word that comes to mind is... Amazing!"

— Haylie & Mike Boudrero, Layton, UT

"Just want you to know your recording is a great hit with my grandkids. We listened to it in the car on the way home from visiting relatives. Within a matter of minutes they had several song choruses memorized and begged to hear them over and over. Little four year old McKay, smiling shyly, said, ‘This music makes me cry. It’s truly is amazing!’ I will recommend it to my patients and their parents."

— Dr. Gerald Allred, Pediatrician, Memorial Clinic, Salt Lake City, Utah

"This amazing program is just what parents, children, and those who work with children need in today's world. Children are being influenced by so many sources for good and for bad. We Are Amazing was the perfect blend of character building values, beautiful music, and FUN. It was easy to see that these kids LOVE this program. As a parent, I feel this is a positive influence I want all of my children to experience in the coming years."

— Trace Hansen, Smithfield, Utah

"I had goosebumps all over when I heard the children singing such uplifting songs. These songs should be taught to ALL children. Nothing influences a soul as does music."

— Marilee Cordery, American Fork, Utah

"After watching the AnyKidCan performance from the children in my community, it was obvious to see that this program had made a big impact with those who participated. There was a tangible excitement and enthusiasm in the air. The children not only knew every word of every song, they believed them. When the world is shouting for consensus and sameness, it is refreshing to hear the voice of individuality and conviction in song, especially when the next generation is singing it. We came away knowing that one person really can make a difference. AnyKidCan really made a difference!"

— Pamela Smith, Mountain Green, Utah

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."

— E. E. Cummings

"If we want to see our children become successful, confident, considerate, and contributing individuals, we must see that they are empowered with the awareness, and encouragement to believe in who they are and all that is within them to become. The program, 'WE ARE AMAZING' offers powerful personal skills to not only survive, but to conquer life's challenges. Through the power of music, children are encouraged to utilize these life skills in everyday situations and circumstances. The kids LOVE the music, and that is absolutely evident in their performance!

An investment in "WE ARE AMAZING!" is an investment in children. And an investment in children, is an investment in our future!"

— Blenda McGary, Morgan, Utah

"The production of "We Are Amazing!" has such an inspiring message for the youth of today. Any time that a child can voice such positive things about themselves is a winner in my book. The performers had so much fun singing these songs and they made me feel like they truly believed the words they were singing. I loved that there were no solos in the entire production. Every child was a 'star' and each one of them knew it."

— Janet Tueller, Educator, Roy, Utah

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